Our digital platforms create targeted advertising opportunities for brands to interact with passengers at every step of the journey. Highly targeted campaigns can be made using our powerful targeting/segmentation options like:

Our media reach is at the heart of the passenger’s journey and is present at the most significant moments of their trip.

Confirmation Email

  • Graphical travel documents issues by the travel agency/travel partner (airline, hotel, cruises, car rentals, etc) which confirms the key information about the trip and accompany the traveller through his trip.
  • A vital transactional email with high open, dwell and interaction rates – this email is received by the passenger at the time of booking.
  • Viewed regularly during the booking process (both printed and HTML formats)
  • Advertisers on this email have the perfect opportunity to engage with passengers in the early planning stages of their travel and provides high level of retention and review rates.

Itinerary & E-ticket Receipt

  • Itineraries and E-ticket receipt are sent upon booking confirmation and lead up to a passenger’s travel date.
  • These are high visibility media with a high open rate and a great platform to advertise.
  • On an average these advertising options are frequently viewed at least 4 times (both printed and HTML formats)

Print At Home Boarding Pass

  • Issued by the airline, the boarding pass is viewed online and printed by the customer at home or at the airport.
  • The boarding pass remains with the passengers throughout the entire flight and normally in the passengers hand, thus ensuring 100% advertisement retention.
  • It is normally considered that these advertising option are frequently viewed at least 4 times, with an average 30-hour time-span during which the boarding pass is viewed before flying

Boarding Pass/ITR has very high interaction rate with the passengers. On an average they are viewed 4 times across 10 journey touch points.

Print at home/office

At home on journey day

Traveling to airport

Upon reaching the airport

Security gate of airport

 Baggage drop-off counter/check-in counter

At security check

Retail area/Food court/Business lounge

Gate Area

At the time of Boarding

On plane